Welcome to Statespace

Welcome to Statespace

Today we are thrilled to publicly unveil Statespace. We’re building a suite of tools to help assess and train gamers using cutting-edge science and technology.

We have been hard at work building our first product, Aim Lab, a performance analytics and training platform based on neuroscience. It is the only tool to use science to objectively measure your fundamental gaming skills such as vision, decision-making, hand-eye coordination, and reaction time. Think of it like the NFL combine for eSports.  We’re looking for gamers of all levels who want to try our product and give feedback.

A.I. training based on neuroscience.

Whether you are trying to go pro, earn a collegiate eSports scholarship, or just beat your friends, we can help you gain an edge over the competition. The first step is to identify the weaknesses in your game, and this is where science can help. Just as professional football players leverage sports science to measure their speed, strength, and agility, eSports athletes need to measure their reaction time, focus, and hand-eye coordination to help guide their training.

Aim Lab is a tool that makes these measurements by presenting you with a series of challenges to assess your skill. All you have to do is play the game, while we capture and analyze the data. Using AI the platform learns your strengths and weaknesses and then, like a good personal trainer in the gym, adapts accordingly to maximize training gains. Our leaderboard tracks your improvement and allows you to compare your skills against your peers.

Get performance analytics on your game.

So, why are we building Statespace?  Like you, we are avid gamers who want to
get better. We also happen to have PhDs in neuroscience which means we’ve spent many years measuring how the brain learns and controls perception, decision-making, and motor coordination. Statespace is a blend of our passion for science and gaming. Statespace is eSports science.

Are you a gamer? A science nerd? A Stats junkie?

Then welcome to Statespace. The place to get good.

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