Strategy vs Skill, the battle of importance. Part 2- Strategy

Strategy vs Skill, the battle of importance. Part 2- Strategy

She’s good, she’s got the aim, the know-how and the lack of morality when it comes to pulling that trigger over and over again.

Your entire team just rushed in and no matter what you try, she’s still standing while the rest are waiting on a respawn timer. Oh, good; Tom just got sniped but where’s Andrew? To shreds you say. Well that just leaves me. This time will be different as I cower back to our spawn point and carefully wait for my team to rise from the dead. She’s good, but her back’s breaking; if we bring down the supports than the whole things gonna give. Tom tosses a grenade and rushes in, a suicide mission but at least now we know where she is. Andrews sniper patiently watches for her to make a mistake while I flank from behind. I got the jump, this is it. This is my time, I pull the trigger and fall to my knees almost instantly; how…how could she still beat me? Is she even human?! What matter of sorc- BANG! Goes the sniper rifle as her godly head explodes right in front me, she’s good…but not THAT good.

Strat vs Skill

It’s like a choose your own adventure story; I know, pretty neat. Skill is typically what sets players a part and by far the greatest indicator of how good someone is and whether they will do well or not.  When you find yourself out skilled, strategy is the only option; especially if you’re on a team. Don’t rely on luck to take out someone who’s consistently out playing you, use your head and beat them with your wits; planning various ways to outsmart them is not only fun and skillful in its own way, but absolutely necessary in any competitive team based game. So, let’s get right to it, and remember it’s not really about which is more important but how to combine them together and make you and your team the best players out there.

Strategy strikes back

So, what exactly counts as strategy and how do you become a master strategist? It differs from game to game but anything not directly related to how good you are with weapons, and skills while still being used to try and overcome your opponent is strategy. In something like League of Legends or Dota, there’s a ton of strategy and honestly in a moba type of game it’s equally as important as skill. Heck, in a Dota strategy is the real test of skill. The way you build, the runes you use, which champs to focus on and pushing lanes is all strategy. Whether you’re reacting to something on your own and building a way around it or with your team, strategy is what wins games in mobas. For most fps games like Call of Duty and Destiny 2, skill tends to be more important but Strategy makes you even better, especially as a team and helps you take out players that are doing better than you. Now for something like Pubg, strategy Is again insanely important. From where you first land on your map, to how you go about ensuring you’re within the circle in time; it’s all strategy. If you’re not planning out your moves in dotas and Pubg, you are going to be at a severe disadvantage compared to the players who are.



Inspiring others and convincing them that you have a good idea are necessary for good strategy. Someone has to be able to call the shots, and confident enough to try some strategies. In a team based scenario, wrangling in your teammates proves to be the hardest part. If you’re lucky and playing with a group of friends or a team you’ve played with for a while, then it’s not really a problem but for randoms or newer teams it can be the difference between creatively changing the course of a game and losing every time you are slightly out skilled.


You have to be able to think outside the box with a lot of these strategies, most teams will be using them already and reacting just as you are so if you can come up with something original and unexpected in the moment than it will be a huge help. Teams should always have time to play a bit more casually and practice for this exact reason. Go into some games that don’t matter and just try whatever the heck you want, get weird with it. Trust me, one day you’ll be playing a game and scratching your head as someone pulls of some weird stuff you’ve never seen before and it actually kills you. It’s not always just random funny business, some people are creative with their strategies and make it incredibly hard to see them coming.


Hopefully you see just how important strategy can be to every game, some more than others. If you’re already in a team and using strategy than use this as a reminder of how important it really is and remember to try some creative stuff. Think outside the box and keep your opponent’s guessing. A lot of games have gotten to the point now where, you can already assume what strategy the other team will use when you’re winning a certain way. Pushing a lane? They will send one guy to push another. Too many sniper kills? They’re going to run up and force close quarters with shotguns or stay back and make you come to them. This is not a good thing and when your opponent tries to assume how your teams going to counter something, make them wrong. Make sure you never get too comfortable in using the same strategy over and over. If you are new to strategy play or just put together a fresh team to climb the rankings with, remember someone has to lead and help direct the team. If no one is calling shots or suggesting strategies then guess what? No one is calling shots or suggesting strategies. Got some interesting strategies? Cool stories where you got weird and saved the day? Heck, hilarious stories where you got weird and killed your entire team? Share em and lets us know what you think of the importance of strategy.

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  1. I believe strategy is crucial to get into a game, but skill will determine how far one climbs. I’ve played fps for a few years now and is now back at csgo with silver newbies. They know about smokes and bomb sites, but their aims are so bad watching them 1v1 is like watching a coin flip. IT’S SO PAINFUL TO WATCH!!!

    • I completely agree, both are definitely necessary and skill is very important for individual value within a team. Good luck with CSGO and thanks for checking out the article!


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