This is the first post in a series of ongoing posts where we highlight one of the Aim Lab training challenges. The goal is to give you a better idea of how it works and why it can improve your performance.


At the beginning of the challenge, there is a center “activation orb”. Shooting the activation orb will randomly spawn a target orb to shoot. The target orb will only stay on the screen for a short amount of time, and if you don’t shoot it in time, it disappears, taking some of your health with it. Following each presentation of the target orb, the center activation orb reappears, allowing you to shoot it and spawn a new target.


Like most Aim Lab training challenges, there are three different modes: Precision, Reflex, and Ultimate (see videos for each mode at the bottom of this post).

  • Precision mode: the targets shrink overtime when they appear, as well as adapt in size to your skill level to remain as difficult as possible and train you right at your limit.
  • Reflex mode: the amount of time the target stays on the screen before it disappears adapts with your ongoing performance to train you right at your limit.
  • Ultimate mode: both target size and the amount of time the target stays on the screen adapt to be as difficult as possible.


The purpose of the Precision mode is to increase the precision and accuracy of your motor movements, while the Reflex mode is meant to increase your reflexes and reaction time. Finally, Ultimate mode is meant to provide the ultimate challenge of combining elements of both precision and speed. Collectively, these tasks will also familiarize you with the trade-off between speed and accuracy.


The goal of the Spidershot challenges is to increase your precision or reflexes across the screen and correct for any spatial biases you may have. Just as many basketball players shoot better from one side of the floor compared to the other, gamers have spatial biases too (e.g., here’s former Cloud9 CSGO player, n0thing, discussing how he is better flicking to the left than right). These biases can be subtle and difficult to notice and therefore difficult to correct. Aim Lab alleviates this problem by collecting objective data on your shots to help you identify and correct your biases quicker. Check out the data visualizations and results screens at the bottom of the post for more details!

Spidershot: Ultimate Mode in Battle Royale (alpha) environment. Both target orb size and duration are unpredictable and randomized, forcing you to constantly be on your toes!

Spidershot: Reflex mode in Graybox environment with pistol. The amount of time the target orb is visible on the screen adjusts based on your individual performance. Rather than just getting completely easier or harder as you go, it instead finds your personal reflex limits as you play and pushes you to improve them. Also, note how you take damage if you fail to hit a target.

Spidershot: Precision mode in Graybox environment with assault rifle. The size of the target orb changes over time to find your personal performance limits. Additionally, each target shrinks over time as it appears, forcing you to be as precise as possible with your mouse movement. Also, note how you can freely switch between holo sights and hip firing throughout the challenge.


Spidershot: Results. After each time you perform a Spidershot challenge, you get instant results on your performance for accuracy, speed, reaction time, kps (Kills per second) and even how many targets spawned and how many you hit or didn’t respond to. You also get performance insights that help you find biases across the screen and eliminate them. Your performance is also compared to your average performance on the task, and lets you view improvement across time.

  1. Anonymous 3 years ago

    This is awesome

    • Jonah Mackey 3 years ago

      Thank you! We can’t wait for you to try it out, and can’t wait to hear your feedback on it!

  2. Anonymous 3 years ago

    i am waiting from korea XD

    • Jonah Mackey 3 years ago

      Well, we’re excited for you to try it out, thanks for being so patient and waiting it out!

  3. Jack Simso 3 years ago

    when can I get access to the beta I’m so exited

    • Jonah Mackey 3 years ago

      We are excited that you’re excited! Beta invites will be sent out in waves over the upcoming weeks and we can’t wait to see what you think of it!

  4. David 3 years ago

    Dude…I am stoked for this. Quick question: Will the sensitivity be variable across horizontal, vertical, and ADS? I am looking to improve my accuracy across all shooters, but in particular Rainbow Six | Siege.

    • Author
      Wayne 3 years ago

      Hi David,

      Awesome, we are stoked that you are stoked! Yes, you will have the ability to customize your sensitivity in horizontal/vertical separately, as well as in different states like hipfire or ADS/scoped.

    • IN 3 years ago

      I am also looking to improve my aim in R6: Siege specifically. Will there be a way to match sensitivities to other games (like Siege) and do you think this is important? Games like aimbooster are said to have benefit in terms of hand eye coordination, but how important is having the same sens from game to game? CSGO pros seem to effortlessly shift their amazing aim from one game to another despite the sensitivities being slightly different from one platform to another. Thanks!

      • Author
        Wayne 3 years ago

        Yes! You will be able to convert your sensitivities from other games (CS:GO, R6: Siege, OW, PUBG, Paladins) into Aim Lab. This is absolutely critical. You want to practice at the same sensitivity you will perform in. That being said, we also allow you to hone your sensitivity and teak it in Aim Lab, and then can tell you what your sensitivity setting SHOULD be in another game to match your Aim Lab sensitivity.

  5. Variares 3 years ago

    I LOVE IT!! There is nothing like this on such a high level on the market! I am so exited (my aim sucks and I really want to improve it). Keep up the great work 🙂

    • Author
      Wayne 3 years ago

      Thanks Variares! Glad you are excited and looking forward to helping you improve your aim!

  6. Tracer/Genji Victim 3 years ago

    Are there bots/targets with programmable movement?
    I’d like to practice the predictive aspect of tracking but I find myself dying too often to real players to practice the up close situations

    • Author
      Wayne 3 years ago

      There will be bots with customizable movement, yes, and more specifically given your username, there will be preset bots with movement patterns akin to Genji and Tracer!

      • Tracer/Genji Victim 3 years ago

        Will there be player abilities like Tracer too?

        • Tracer/Genji Victim 3 years ago

          Also thank you very much for answering
          I love the concepts of aim lab and I hope you achieve your goals 🙂

          • Author
            Wayne 3 years ago

            Thanks! Always happy to answer questions.

            Yes, although not part of the immediate roadmap for the next couple months, we will be adding player abilities as well!

  7. SkyIT 3 years ago

    Why i get 1700 of reaction time :”((

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