How to be the best Nightstalker in Destiny 2

How to be the best Nightstalker in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is here, and with it comes a ton of changes to our favorite classes. We are going to take an in-depth look at these changes, compare them to O.G. Destiny, and give you all the tips and tricks to make sure you’re at your best, right from the start.

That is, unless you’re viewing this after already playing it… in which case it would be playing at your best, right after you’re done reading this. Yeah, let’s just go with that.

Nightstalker Dodge Skill

  • Marksman’s Dodge – A directional dodge with a significant cooldown that also reloads your weapon when activated.
  • Gambler’s Dodge – A directional dodge with a significant cooldown that fully recharges your melee ability when used to avoid a nearby enemy.

Just like the rest of the hunter subclasses, nightstalker has the same dodge ability. The only difference is how well this skill works for nightstalker, thanks to the way of the trapper passive. Using this passive tree, you will go invisible everytime you dodge and if used correctly will be pretty much unkillable in pve. When it comes to crucible, this skill is very useful to get out of a tight situation and the added invisibility when paired with way of the trapper; makes you harder to see and more likely to get out of harms way in the crucible.

Nightstalker Jump Abilities

  • High Jump – While airborne, jump a second time to reach greater heights.
  • Strafe Jump – While airborne, jump a second time with strong directional control.
  • Triple Jump –  While airborne, jump a second or third time.

Same jumps across all subclasses this time around and for hunters, our jumps make little difference depending on subclass. I personally am partial to triple jump and oddly enough being airborne can be used to mix up shootouts in the crucible. High jump will get you the highest but triple offers a lot more adaptability with how high you want to jump or trying to throw off your opponent.

Nightstalker Super

Shadowshot – Tether foes with a Void Anchor, slowing, weakening and suppressing them for you and your allies.

Shadowshot gets a pretty decent change with Destiny 2, it’s mostly just making a bigger divide between two ways of using your super. With way of the trapper, everything works similar to Destiny 1. Your tether will last a decent amount of time and extend damage across everyone tethered but the big thing to notice here is using your tether as a trap. This is one of the only ways to use your super in the crucible, sadly Shadowshot isn’t really working as intended. It’s supposed to suppress other abilities and supers but doesn’t always and takes too long to fire off but with the trap; this allows you to preemptively make fodder out of your enemies. Way of the pathfinder will give you 6 shots and work much like other roaming supers; the only catch is the shooting animation takes far too long and proves to be rather useless in crucible unless you’re catching a team off guard or possibly firing from quite the distance.

Nightstalker Grenades

  • Vortex Grenade – Creates a vortex that continually damages enemies caught inside
  • Spike Grenade – Attaches to any surface and emits a torrent of damaging Void Light.
  • Voidwall Grenade – Creates a horizontal wall of burning Void Light.

Same grenades from Destiny 1 and vortex is proving to be our best choice for the crucible. Hunter’s definitely got the shank end of the stick this time around but any type of pulsing grenade does a lot more damage this time around. Voidwall is unpredictable and doesn’t cover much ground and spike isn’t bad; working well as a trap or way to close off an area.

Nightstalker Passives


Way of the Trapper

  • Snare Bomb – Throw a smoke bomb trap from a distance with this Melee Ability. The smoke bomb sticks to surfaces and detonates when enemies are near, slowing and disorienting them.
  • Keen Scout – Sprint and sneak faster, and gain an enhanced tracker. Tethered enemies are marked for easy tracking.
  • Deadfall  – The Void Anchors fired from Shadowshot become traps and wait for prey. Void Anchors have increased range and last longer.
  • Vanishing Step – Dodging makes you vanish from sight for a short time.

We have some really unique passives and a lot of them are recycled from Destiny O.G. but are a lot of fun either way. Snare bomb doesn’t do much damage or any sort of poison dot so it’s not great but acts like a mini suppressor grenade…kind of. It doesn’t actually suppress anything but it will disorient enemies and make it really hard to see, making you a hard target to hit and giving you an edge on pushing against the other team. Our smoke bomb also works as a sticky and will detonate when enemies are close, giving us yet another trap. Keen scout is great, lets us see anyone who escaped our super and we move faster than the other subclasses. With deadfall, our super lasts longer, fires further and works as…. go ahead and guess, A TRAP! Vanishing step gives us the best use of our dodge ability and is one of my favorite changes to nightstalker.

Way of the Pathfinder

  • Vanish in Smoke – Throw a smoke bomb explosive from a distance with this Melee Ability. The smoke bomb creates a cloud that makes you and nearby allies invisible.
  • Lockdown – Grenade and smoke effects last twice as long, allowing for strong territorial control and increased damage potential.
  • Heart of the Pack – Killing tethered enemies creates Orbs of Light and increases Mobility, Recovery, and Resilience for you and nearby allies.
  • Moebius Quiver – Fire Shadowshot multiple times in rapid succession. Shadowshot deals massive damage against tethered enemies.

Pathfinder gives us a different take on invisibility, allowing us to use it just like we did in Destiny 1 and make our whole team invisible. This won’t be used much in the crucible but invisibility does make you harder to find and hit so popping one before pushing in on the team will definitely help. Lockdown makes our grenades actually capable of some really good damage but most enemies will be gone long before we gain a benefit from the extra time. It’s great to help hold down areas or cut the team off from a certain opening. Our super fires 6 shots now and works as a roaming super and heart of the pack gives us some nice buffs for the whole team and gives a lot more orbs to help with the super cool down. Sadly, our lengthy and jumpy animation makes it hard to even fire 6 shots, let alone kill anyone with them before they’ve noticed us dancing around with a bow.

Nightstalker Summary

Nightstalker is incredibly different from the rest of the subclasses, it’s a fantastic pve class and sadly not that great of a class for the crucible. If you are going to attempt to use this class in trials and the crucible than you will definitely want to work on some strategies and getting used to using your abilities as traps. Way of the trapper definitely looks to be the best choice for crucible and allows you to either let the enemy come to your team, traps waiting; or lets you run around and trap off an escape route for anyone who tries to make a run for it when your team is pushing. It will be a bit of a learning curve but using this abilities head to head is just not going to work out well and even if you’re lucky to snag a kill or tether a few guardians; you will almost certainly die along with them.

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