How to be the best gunslinger in Destiny 2

How to be the best gunslinger in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is here, and with it comes a ton of changes to our favorite classes. We are going to take an in-depth look at these changes, compare them to O.G. Destiny, and give you all the tips and tricks to make sure you’re at your best, right from the start.

That is, unless you’re viewing this after already playing it… in which case it would be playing at your best, right after you’re done reading this. Yeah, let’s just go with that.

Gunslinger dodge skill

  • Marksman’s Dodge – A directional dodge with a significant cooldown that also reloads your weapon when activated.
  • Gambler’s Dodge – A directional dodge with a significant cooldown that fully recharges your melee ability when used to avoid a nearby enemy.

The upside, both subclasses now have dodge as an extra ability. The downside? Your guardian will be retired, and dipping into his 401k before the cooldown resets. Dodge acts just like the Night Stalkers dodge from the first Destiny, so if you’re familiar with that class than you already know how to use it. In regards to which skill to use, it comes down to your play style more than anything; if you’re great at throwing knives and use them as often as possible, than go with Gambler’s Dodge. I can already see some truly innovative hunters trying to get close to their enemies just so they can use this to recharge their melee.

That’s sort of what the point of this ability is going to be; the cooldown is just too long to be thrown into an active crucible setup, and will most likely be used to push and flush out enemies. (Ex: dodging around a corner to see whether there’s a sniper, or getting too close to the enemy team and using it to gtfo when they all show themselves.) Marksman’s Dodge seems to be the safe approach; It allows you to never be caught off guard, and recover from anyone who gets the jump on you, BUT with its cooldown; and how fast paced almost all crucible matches are, it will only help some of the time.

Gunslinger jump abilities

  • High Jump – While airborne, jump a second time to reach greater heights.
  • Strafe Jump – While airborne, jump a second time with strong directional control.
  • Triple Jump –  While airborne, jump a second or third time.

Not much has changed here, oh wait…. actually… absolutely nothing has changed here. With the warlock changes, we may see some weird air combat added into the crucible mix but for now I’d play it safe and take Strafe Jump for crucible. The less time you spend in the air, the better. You definitely don’t need to be hopping around with a sign on your head that says “Just end it, thanks.” Strafe jump keeps you grounded (Unless you’re playing on the moon (Just kidding that’s not a thing.)) and gives you an extra little burst towards whatever direction you’re headed.

Gunslinger super

  • Golden Gun – Summon a flaming pistol that deals solar damage to disintegrate enemies.

Same old song and dance, right? Almost, but there’s one fun little feature added in the form of a new perk for Gunslingers; it allows us to shoot off 6 quick shots, and the gun fires just like The Last Word from the first Destiny. See that picture up there? See how cool he looks?! Just Clint Eastwood-ing the competition! Yea, we can do that now. It’s still an instant kill in the crucible and lets you get the shot off way faster than aiming down the sights. This gives gunslingers a chance to kill the entire enemy team, so long as their close together enough. There’s certainly a learning curve to this, but if you liked The Last Word and knew how to use it in the first Destiny than go ahead and just start memorizing lines from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, you’ll be using them often.

Gunslinger grenades

  • Incendiary – Explosive grenade that catches enemies on fire, causing additional damage over time.
  • Swarm –  A grenade that detonates on impact, releasing multiple drones that seek nearby enemies.
  • Tripmine – An explosive grenade that sticks to surfaces and detonates when enemies pass through its laser trigger.

Just like the jump abilities, nothing’s changed here; same grenades as Destiny O.G. Incendiary can be a lot of fun for pve, catching larger groups of enemies on fire and doing some aoe damage and swarm is somewhat similar but less to do with a blast and more to do with the ratio of grenade drones to enemies. Swarm can also work decently in crucible but if you end up throwing it near more than one enemy, they will split the damage so it probably won’t kill either of them. Tripmine is the go to for crucible, so long as you are capable of killing the enemies with them and not yourself. (It will happen, just you wait.) They act as both traps and a nice way to control parts of the map; by forcing enemy players to go around, or take the time to shoot it.

Gunslinger passives

Way of the Outlaw

  • Explosive Knife – throw a knife from a distance that explodes shortly after impact with this melee ability.
  • Chains of Woe – Precision kills increase weapon reload speed for you and nearby allies.
  • Six-Shooter – Golden Gun can be fired quickly up to six times, but has a shorter duration
  • Deadshot – Significantly improves your ability to hit with Golden Gun.

Explosive knife, now explodes a few moments after sticking into someone instead of burn damage; as it did in the first Destiny. Not much of a difference, but the damage is instant; as opposed to doing damage over time, and it can damage nearby enemies as well. Chains of woe now spreads to nearby teammates, allowing us to actively buff our team. A lot of these buffs will probably be floating around on both teams and not make a ton of difference but it does push your team to play closer together and pretend like you like each other to benefit from them.Golden gun can be fired just like the last word and coincidentally there’s a nifty skill to improve its accuracy. Hip fire should be decently accurate and an incredible ttk (Time to kill).

Way of the Sharpshooter

  • Knife-Juggler – throw a knife from a distance. Precision knife kills with this melee ability immediately recharges it.
  • Practice Makes Perfect – enter a trance with each precision hit, reducing the cooldown of your Super.
  • Crowd-Pleaser – enables precision damage with Golden Gun. Precision hits with Golden Gun generate Orbs of Light.
  • Line ‘em Up – Precision hits with Golden Gun increase its damage and extend its duration.

Nothing different here from Destiny 1; these were pretty much all options in the old skill tree, and definitely looks like a pve oriented setup. I’m not entirely sure if they did this on purpose for all classes or not but there’s no reason to increase Golden Guns damage in the crucible, they are already dead when you hit them. Generating orbs is useful for teammates, but not usually something you go out of your way to do in the crucible. It looks like you will get your super a lot faster, and extend its duration with precision hits.

Gunslinger summary

Okay, so how do you become the best hunter out there? Keep your cool and practice precision shots. Hunters have always centered around precision, and these new changes only solidify that even more. You’re going to need to get head shots with just about everything you’ve got, including throwing knives. Try playing some matches in crucible, where your goal is to just get as many throwing knife head shots as possible. Move as slow as you need to at first, and with enough practice; you’ll be able to head-knife with the best of them.

With our new cowboy centered super, it’s easy to fire away and waste most of your shots; especially do to the time crunch, and you want to get the most out of that super as you can. Now, not to throw a knife at a dead horse, but the same thing goes here; slow it down. Play some matches, and when your super is up just go in, and try to accurately hit as many targets as you can. Try not to worry about the timer, or how many shots you have left; just work on that accuracy.

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