How to be the best Arcstrider in Destiny 2

How to be the best Arcstrider in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is here, and with it comes a ton of changes to our favorite classes. We are going to take an in-depth look at these changes, compare them to O.G. Destiny, and give you all the tips and tricks to make sure you’re at your best, right from the start.

That is, unless you’re viewing this after already playing it… in which case it would be playing at your best, right after you’re done reading this. Yeah, let’s just go with that.

Arcstrider Dodge Skill

  • Marksman’s Dodge – A directional dodge with a significant cooldown that also reloads your weapon when activated.
  • Gambler’s Dodge – A directional dodge with a significant cooldown that fully recharges your melee ability when used to avoid a nearby enemy.

Both subclasses have the exact same dodge skills, but with Arcstrider they can be used a bit differently. As an Arcstrider you are meant to get close to the enemy with both your super and melee. Arcstrider also has a passive that makes Gambler’s Dodge a great choice here. Dodge will restore melee and melee kills will restore your dodge. This is a great reward for melee kills and allows you to use a simple mechanic to restore your melee charges. Dodging even gives you a boost to your melee range. It’s a powerful system that’s just begging for you to punch people in the face. That’s one incredibly vicious cycle for everyone you face.

This is also nice to note if you find yourself facing off against an Arcstrider. Expect them to have their dodge available much more often than a Gunslinger. You never know when they just melee’d one of your teammates,so keep in mind that they can get you with their melee from a greater range than most classes. Marksman’s Dodge will probably be great for PVE. It’s nice to keep you prepared if someone gets the drop on you, but I strongly suggest getting brave and using Gambler’s Dodge to hit and run everyone in sight.

Arcstrider Jump Abilities

  • High Jump – While airborne, jump a second time to reach greater heights.
  • Strafe Jump – While airborne, jump a second time with strong directional control.
  • Triple Jump – While airborne, jump a second or third time.

Jumps are the same for both classes now, so sadly Arcstrider does not have Blink anymore like Blade Dancer in the first Destiny. Similar to Gunslinger, you’re going to want to use Strafe Jump in the Crucible. The less time you spend in the air the better. There’s not a lot of cover and it’s easy for the guy aiming at you to guess where you’re headed. (Down, duh.) Strafe Jump should propel you around plenty enough to get around any map. Triple Jump is great for platforming in raids. That third jump is a great do-over when you accidentally under shoot a jump. High Jump allows you to reach the highest spots when timed perfectly, but is best saved for PVE.

Arcstrider Super

  • Arc Staff – Conjure a staff powered by arc light, and acrobatically attack enemies.

You don’t just look like Darth Maul, you ARE Darth Maul. Arc staff is very different from the Blade Dancers’ “Button mash, button mash, did I hit em? Yup!” style. There are combos, a ranged attack, and a slam that’s similar to Fist of Havoc. You have unlimited dodge when the super is activated and it blends well between combos and strikes. Your hunter will even automatically attack nearby enemies so you can really focus on the combo attacks and not dying. The combos are a mix of the right trigger and bumper. Here’s a neat Reddit post explaining exactly how to do them, submitted by Reddit user twelvepandas.

With that said, do yourself a favor and don’t button mash. This isn’t that one really annoying boss fight in Mortal Kombat, you will be a force to be reckoned with in the Crucible if you use the right combos at the right time. This super is going to be a bit difficult to counter, you never know what combo your opponent is going for unless you take the time to memorize their patterns. With some of the attacks having a bit of range to them, it will definitely take a lot of experience against them to know when you’re far enough away. So watch your Arcstrider opponents closely, and keep your distance when they start talking about Jedi and Sith Lords.

Arcstrider Grenades

  • Skip Grenade – A grenade that splits on impact, creating multiple projectiles that seek enemies.
  • Flux Grenade – An explosive grenade that deals additional damage when attached to enemies.
  • Arcbolt Grenade – A grenade that chains bolts of lightning to nearby enemies.

Same grenades from the first Destiny, so many of us are already on a first name basis. Skip is your homing grenade, toss it near your enemies and it will break into a few pieces and track any enemy that’s close enough. It is possible not to get hit with all the skip grenades however and pretty common for people to survive them. Sometimes they hit multiple opponents and split the damage or sometimes not every piece hits your opponent. It’s definitely not very consistent though any tracking grenade does give you a bit of control on areas of the map and forces opponents to run off to avoid max damage.

Flux is just like the sticky grenade from Halo, and will kill opponents in the Crucible so long as you manage to stick them with it. You have to be really on point with your toss to one hit kill someone, but it’s certainly worth getting good with if you’re not already. Arcbolt can hit multiple players if they are close enough together, but the damage is rather low. It’s great for control matches and anytime the enemy team is hanging around in a small confined space. It’s not going to one hit kill players, but it is a great way to finish someone off or give your team an advantage when pushing in on your opponents. I recommend practicing with the Flux grenades or using Arcbolt to clear rooms in the Crucible. For PVE Arcbolt is usually the strongest and can chain to a rather large clump of enemies.

Arcstrider Passives

Way of the Warrior

  • Combat Flow Chain – Melee kills recharge your dodge skill.
  • Deadly Reach – Dodging temporarily increases melee range.
  • Lethal Current – Arc Staff attacks hit twice after dodging.
  • Shocking Blow – Striking an enemy with this powerful melee attack emits a deadly bolt of lightning from your fist.

Way of the Warrior is not for the faint of heart. This passive tree is all about getting up close and personal as much as possible. You can consistently recharge your dodge and melee (as long as you choose Gambler’s Dodge) and get increased melee range. This passive tree is begging you to just go punch every opponent and force them to yell “Dude just jacked me for my wallet!”. (Look I say it all the time and together we can make this a thing.) We can’t go invisible anymore which may seem like a big loss, but it didn’t always make a lot of sense in the Crucible anyways. Instead, we are given a good way to get in and out and melee whoever we want. Arcstaff hitting twice after dodging is just the icing on the cake, or in this case, staff. You can dodge more often without missing out on melee hits or wasting your precious super time. This is especially good in the Crucible where you can play more carefully and still get the same amount of kills if you weren’t spending time dodging.

Way of the Wind

  • Disorienting Blow – Striking an enemy with this debilitating melee attack. Disorients the target. Killing a target with Disorienting Blow instantly recharges it.
  • Lightning Reflexes – Take less damage while dodging with Arc Staff active.
  • Battle Meditation – When critically wounded, melee and grenade skills recharge faster.
  • Focused Breathing – Sprinting reduces dodge cooldown, increased sprint speed.

Disorienting blow will ensure you kill anyone you get the drop on in the Crucible. Battle Meditation is pretty self explanatory and useful in all situations, and we get the return of increased sprint speed which was a perk for the Bladedancer in Destiny 1. It’s always nice to be able to run faster than your opponents, but this tree still feels like it’s better used in a PVE setting. Lightning Reflexes is an interesting passive since it only works while dodging when you’re in your super. Again, this seems more suited for PVE, where you can use this to get away from large groups of enemies or difficult boss mechanics. In the Crucible you’re not going to want to waste away your super by dodging around the whole time. This passive tree doesn’t have the benefit of hitting twice for dodging, which makes it even more useless.

Arcstrider Summary

Arcstrider is going to rely on being within your enemies’ melee range a lot. With great benefits to dodge and melee and a super that puts Darth Maul to shame, you’re going to have to practice with all of the combos. You’re going to be incredibly difficult to counter during your super. It will be a waste to fall short on a combo or hit a single opponent when there’s a few around and you have a perfectly good AOE attack that you didn’t use.

You also need to practice using your dodge to get in close on an enemy player, or get the heck out of dodge when the rest of their team realizes what just happened. Remember we don’t go invisible anymore and no blink to save our hide, so dodge is going to be your ticket in and out. Start trying to use your dodge offensively in games, take advantage of the melee range it gives you, and try to get melee kills. When you use your super don’t be shy, try and use it when you know you’re near more than one enemy and seek out as many of them as you can. This super is a pusher and shouldn’t be used defensively.

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