This is the second post in a series of ongoing posts where we highlight one of the Aim Lab training challenges. The goal is to give you a better idea of how it works and why it can improve your performance.


This is one of our more difficult tasks, once is begins a random target of random size will spawn. The target orb will only stay on the screen for a very short amount of time, and if you don’t shoot it in time, it disappears, taking some of your health with it. The target orbs will continue to spawn, at different sizes, in random areas around the screen and continue to disappear very quickly until all health is gone or time is up.


As of right now, there is only one mode for Reflexshot, ultimate mode. There is currently a Reflexshot task for each map available. Reflexshots’ ultimate mode will keep you on your toes, constantly spawning random targets of different sizes, all over the screen.


Reflexshot will help improve your reflexes to different areas where enemies could appear and help improve flick shots. Due to its fast and random pace, it gives you the opportunity to reactively turn towards your target and line up a shot as quickly as possible. This will help you understand the distance you should be traveling towards targets, in a fast-paced environment, just like most fps games.


Reflexshot will improve your reflexes and reactions while helping with flick shots. This is imperative to most if not all fps games, where enemies can appear from all areas at any given moment. With Reflexshot you will not only get better at noticing targets and quickly reacting to them but due to the random sizing of the targets, your accuracy will be greatly improved and allow for easier headshots. Reflexshot will also help correct any biases you may have while doing this, such as overshooting the distance when aiming at closer enemies and the stress of not being prepared for enemies who can appear out of anywhere. These biases can be subtle and difficult to notice and therefore difficult to correct. Aim Lab alleviates this problem by collecting objective data on your shots to help you identify and correct your biases quicker. Check out the results screen at the bottom of the post for more details!

Reflexshot: Ultimate Mode in Battle Royale (alpha) environment with both pistol and auto rifle. Target orbs will respawn at random locations with an environment that makes them harder to see than usual. Note that both pistol and auto rifle can be used in this task.

Reflexshot: Ultimate mode in Graybox environment with both pistol and auto rifle. Target orbs will respawn much faster than other tasks, constantly keeping you on your toes! Note that both pistol and auto rifle can be used in this task.

Reflexshot: Ultimate mode in Temple environment with pistol, hand cannon, and auto rifle. Target orbs respawn quickly and at random areas, no ads allowed in this map, only hip firing. Note that this map has a pistol, auto rifle, and handcannon to switch between with many more weapons to be added later.


Reflexshot: Results. After each time you perform a Reflexshot challenge, you get instant results on your performance for both accuracy and reaction time. Your performance is also compared to your average performance on the task, and lets you view improvement across time.

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