This is the first post in a new series coming to – Frequently Asked Questions. This series hopes to answer any queries that you might have about Aimlab, aswell as offering an introduction to some aspects of Aim lab that you may not be aware of.


What is Aim lab?

Aim lab is a piece of software currently being developed and maintained by Statespace Labs inc, and is currently available on Steam.

What does Aim lab do for me?

Aim lab aims to improve and optimise your performance in competitive video games by offering intuitive feedback and providing a platform to fine tune your skills.

Why should I use Aim lab?

Aim lab offers something unique to the aim trainer genre – Comprehensive feedback.

Aim lab doesn’t just give you your score, it gives you your score over time, your reaction time, accuracy, precision, all the way down to telling you if you are overshooting or undershooting, just to cover a few things.

You will also find that Aim Lab gives you a breakdown of your strengths and weaknesses at the end of each round, giving you a goal to work towards and something to be proud of no matter what.

And for those that are willing to get a little technical – Aim lab offers you a full breakdown of your accuracy and reaction time over the entire screenspace, offering performance-based heatmaps that can really help you to bring in your aim.

How do I play any of the gamemodes in Aim lab?

There are currently four sections that allow you to select a gamemode – Training, Assessment, Custom and Sandbox.

From there, you are able to pick which task and which variant you would like to select, after which, you are free to hop in.

What is the difference between Training, Assessment and Custom?

Currently, Assessment is the only mode that affects your skill rating and stats, of which you can view on the home screen of Aimlab. This ensures that you do not need to worry about losing your rank or progression when you want to warm up, and allows you to only benchmark yourself when you are confident that you are fully warmed up and ready to go.

Training can be considered the “Warmup” mode in Aimlab, allowing you to play any of the modes available in Assessment without having to worry about your rank being affected, aswell as letting you try new things without worry.

Custom, like Training, does not affect your rank or skill rating, but unlike both Training and Assessment, Custom allows you to create a task far more suited to your personal weakenesses, from dictating a fixed target size and spawn rate to ensuring that targets only spawn on one side of your screen, should you wish for them to.

What is the difference between Precision, Speed and Ultimate?

Precision adjusts target size relative to your performance, as you improve, you will notice targets getting smaller and smaller, requiring far more control and mechanical ability to reliably hit. This mode is designed to keep you at your limit at all times.

Speed, as the name suggests, is all about getting targets destroyed as quickly as possible. This mode causes the decay rate of targets (How long it takes them to despawn) to change in accordance with your performance. As you get better, you will have less and less time to engage and destroy the targets on screen.

Ultimate is more of a general challenge mode, with target sizes and despawn rates being randomised within a certain range. This lets you practice in a far more general environment than having to pick just Speed or Precision.

What do the 6 stats on the main page mean?

Flicking and Tracking are both accuracy-based skills, with each representing your average accuracy in their given styles of aim. This varies from 0 to 100, in accordance with your accuracy.

Speed is a metric of how quickly you can destroy a target after it spawns, with the higher ratings of Speed being reserved for those that can well and truly flick with the fastest of them.

Precision is dictated by your ability to engage smaller targets effectively, and is improved by consistently and efficiently destroying smaller and smaller targets.

Perception is a mental rating, and is determined by your ability to assess a situation and react to it, as is tested in modes like Audiospatial and Detection.

Cognition is your ability to process information quickly and correctly, and, at the time of writing, this skill is only affected by Capacity and Decisionshot.

How do I select a different weapon?

You can currently change your selected weapon while selecting a mode, simply click on the “Weapon” drop down box above the “Play” button, as seen in the screenshot below. 

How do I make my weapon invisible?

You can disable your weapons viewmodel by going into your options menu, going to the Graphics tab, and unchecking “Enable Weapon View Model”.

You can also make your weapon viewmodel visible, yet clear, by selecting “Use Holographic Weapon Model”.

These options can be seen highlighted in the screenshot below.

How do I disable recoil?

You can disable your weapons viewmodel by going into your options menu, going to the Controls tab, and unchecking “Apply Weapon Recoil”.

How do I view my rank?

You can view your rank, strengths, weaknesses and training frequency by clicking the “Data Profile” tab at the top of the screen on the home menu, then going to “Overview”

An example of a data profile is shown below.

What is Sandbox?

Sandbox is currently a section for gamemodes that the dev team do not feel “belong” in any of the current catagories. You may notice modes coming in and out of this section from time to time.

You are always encouraged to give them a try!

How do I play Decisionshot?

Decisionshot is a cognition-based mode that challenges you to only destroy targets of matching colours.

Targets come in two colours – Red and Blue, your goal is to only shoot targets that match the colour of the target before it.

When the mode starts, you will see a central orb, this orb will be either Red or Blue, this is your “Starting” orb.

After you destroy this orb, a second orb will spawn, this orb will be either Red or Blue aswell, but you should only destroy this second orb if it matches the colour of the first orb.

If it matches, destroy it as quickly as possible, but if not, leave it, it will despawn on its own. From here, rinse and repeat until you are able to make decisions as quickly as you would like to.

How do I play Detection?

Detection puts you in a 3d environment with one goal – Destroy targets as soon as they appear.

However, in Detection you do not need to aim at a target to destroy it, simply click as it appears and that will do.

How do I play Capacity?

Capacity is a memory based mode that challenges your ability to remember and identify changes.

When you start a round of Capacity, you will see a selection of orbs, these orbs will then despawn and respawn very quickly – But here’s the catch, one will have changed colour.

It is your goal to destroy the orb that has changed as many times as possible before the time runs out, and as you improve, the number of orbs that spawn at once will increase.

This has been Volume 1 of the Frequently Asked Questions blog, if you have any questions that you would like answered, or anything that you would like to see expanded upon, leave a comment and i’ll be sure to get it answered as soon as possible!



  1. Mustafa 2 years ago

    How can I use the same sensitivity from everygame e.g., from cs:go PUBG apex legends

    • Jonah Mackey 2 years ago

      Hey there! Great question, under the settings option, theres an option for sensitivity. In the sensitivity menu you can select the game you want to train for and put in the same sensitivity from that game. So for example select apex legends from the drop down box and simply put in the same sensitivity you use in Apex Legends and you are good to go! (Dont forget to click save to exit the menu and save your sensitivity.)

  2. Murks 2 years ago

    I fucking love Aimlab and what you guys do, you don’t understand how much this aim trainer has helped with my flicks and tracking. I love the feedback and tips that I get after every round. My flicks are nearly perfect after about 70 hours worth of practicing my flicks and snaps alone. My tracking definitely needs some improvement but has gotten so much better during my gameplays thanks to this aim trainer.
    If anyone is struggling to get an accurate sensitivity from their game to Aimlabs, just select the PUBG one in the “controls” options and try to get your sens as identical as possible to your current game. The PUBG sens is very similar to most FPS and its very simple too.

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